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Steps in Getting That Perfect-Looking Beard

Not everyone is blessed to have a great beard that’s why it is every man’s pride to have a perfect-looking beard. It takes more than just growing and trimming your beard to keep it looking great as always. There are still other steps you could do to properly care and maintain your beard – from washing, conditioning, and many more. To help you achieve and keep that beard you love, here’s a simple guide on how to properly maintain that perfect-looking beard.

Wash It

Keeping your beard clean is the first step in caring for it. Washing makes your beard smell and look fresh and removes accumulated dirt such as dead skin cells, sweat and excess oils. Facial wash is not the right product to use in washing your beard. Instead, get a good beard shampoo since it is specially formulated to cleanse and keep the beard hair clean and healthy. It is recommended that you wash your beard for 2 to 3 times a week. However, you can do it more especially when you’re living a more active lifestyle or depending on the need.

Hydrate and Condition

Washing the beard can strip it of natural oils and moisture, leaving your beard looking dull and dry when not take care properly after. Because of this, you’ll need to look for good beard oil in Australia to hydrate and moisturize it. Dry your beard after washing and apply a few drops of beard oil onto your palm.

Gently apply it on the beard, massage and work through the hair strands and even on the skin underneath the beard. Aside from the hair strands, the skin should also be moisturized to avoid itching, flaking, and keep the hair follicles underneath healthy and strong. It is recommended that you apply beard oil once a day if you’re living in a dry climate while 2 to 3 times a week if you’re in more humid climate.


Trimming is an essential part in maintaining the shape and form of your beard. Before trimming, brush or comb the beard first to even them out and to see which parts need to be trimmed. Beard trimmers are a perfect tool since they are specially designed to make this task easier and more efficient.

Slowly snip off the excess parts of your beard – follow the natural curve of your face and keep the hair length uniform while you trim. If you’re maintaining a shorter beard, trimming is recommended to be done every other day to keep its shape. If you have a longer beard though, you can trim at least once a week or when you feel that it is needed.

The beard is one of the features that men really want to have. A perfect beard is something to be proud of. Keep it well cared and properly maintained with those steps mentioned above. Aside from those, you should also practice a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy foods in order to achieve a thick and healthy-looking beard.

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