Symbolic facts about Indian jewellery

When it comes to dressing a bride in India, jewellery is one of the most important things to consider. However, with the outlook of every Indian bride comes high significance and the understanding of what exactly these pieces of jewellery mean can make you happy on your day of joy and help you make better use of them. In this article, we are going to be taking a look at some of the best Indian jewellery and what they signify.

  1. Maang Tika: maang tika or Tika as it is known to other people is the major accessory of Indian brides. The Tikka rests on the centre of the forehead as it symbolizes the sixth chakra in Hindu mythology and the ability to control one’s feelings and concentration on their day of joy. It also symbolizes the union of man and woman in all levels, specifically since it means that the woman is about to enter another phase of life.
  2. The Nath: the Nath is a nose pin worn by both married and unmarried women in Hindu. The symbolism of the nose ring differs for different cultures and religions in Hindu. For some cultures, the size of the nose ring symbolizes the wealth the family has while for some others, it signifies being a married woman.
  3. Jhumkha: the jhumka is a type of earring that is seen as a sign of superior status or spiritual development. While some see this earring as a fashion statement, it is used to protect women from evil influences.
  4. Kada: the Kada is a type of bangle made of a lot of materials that show special craftsmanship making use of numerous materials like copper, bronze, shell, diamonds and silver. The coming together of these materials symbolize the energy of the sun. The energy of the sun means the coming out of potential, which is something essential when going into marriage.
  5. Baju Bandh: the Badu bandh is a special type of armlet worn all across India. The name is the coming together of two words “Badu” meaning your arm and “Bandh” means the covering armlet. The armlet symbolizes the position and strength of a king or queen as someone who possesses great strength and power.
  6. The Payal: the Payal is an anklet worn just above the joint of the foot. With the constant use of this anklet which is silver, it is said that the silver is absorbed through the skin. This way, you feel relief from any pains you feel in your leg, allowing more blood circulation.
  7. Kamarbandh: this is a waistband which attracts the attention of all to the navel area of women showing her beautiful body and slim waist. It is made of different materials like gemstones, diamonds, gold, and silver. For women back in the days, and even now, it was used to check their weight and make sure that their stomachs were kept in check.

Without the understanding of what something signifies, you are bound not to know how much power you hold in your hands. These are some of the most popular pieces where you can buy Indian jewellery online and find out what they signify, understand them and use them to your advantage at whatever occasions you attend.

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