Types of Cosmetic Treatments for Skin Cancer Patients

Cosmetic surgery and other procedures might sound like nose jobs and changing appearance of celebrities. However, cosmetic treatments play an important role in helping many cancer patients to sort out their issues and concerns about their body image. So here are some of the cosmetic treatments that are available especially for the cancer patients.


This method is commonly used for treatment of actinic keratosis which means the scaly spots or patches on the top layer of the skin. It is done by using liquid nitrogen to freeze tumour cells. No cutting or anaesthesia will be required for this process. Here, liquid nitrogen is applied on the tumours to freeze them and they will swell and then form a dry crust and fall off after a few weeks depending on the area that was treated.The treated area might sometimes increase in pigmentation in darker skinned people and decrease in pigmentation in lighter skinned people.

Photodynamic Therapy

The PTD treatment is used to treat a huge area actinic keratosis lesions on the scalp, face or body or to non-melanoma skin cancers like Basal Cell Carcinomas. The main advantage of this treatment is that there will be minimal scars or no scarring at all related to the treatment. The treatments are done just for two sessions and therefore, the treatment related anxiety will be reduced. Also, the infection rate is very low following PTD.

Curette and Cautery

This treatment method is said to be good for early cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinomas or Bowen’s disease. This treatment is done twice to ensure all the cancer cells are eliminated.


This is the standard treatment for skin cancers. The part of cancer is excised surgically and sent for histopathological inspectionensure that all the cancer cells are removed. No further treatment is needed if the pathologist report states that all the cancer cells have removed.

Flap Repair

The neighbouring skin of the skin cancer area may be rotated or moved to cover the wound to even out the skin tone and texture. This treatment is done if the skin cancer area is a bit larger. This is known as the skin flap.

CO2 Laser Treatment

This treatment is the best way to treat non-melanoma skin cancers because the laser is capable of confining the thermal damage to targeted malignant tissue with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. The relevant area will be injected with local anaesthetic before the treatment and the whole treatment is painless and there will be no associated bleeding.

This method will also be suitable for the areas that are difficult to operate. You can check out the neutral bay cancer cosmetic clinic to get an idea about all these methods in detail regarding the treatment methods, number of sessions needed and the suitability for your requirements.

Therefore, read more to get a thorough knowledge about the treatment methods and discuss with your doctor during consultations to select the best method that is suitable for your condition.

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