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Why is Bamboo a Better Alternative Compared to Cotton?

We are right now, big on talking about everything sustainable and that means even the clothing that you wear. One of the biggest topics in the arena has been the cotton against bamboo and why one is better than the other, in this blog, we are going to be talking about the may reason why we believe that bamboo fabric is better than cotton and why you should choose it as much as you can. Let us take a quick look at all these reasons.

It Causes Minimal Crop Losses

It is important to consider the fact that bamboo at all times been grown without the use of fertilizer while some non-organic cotton varieties will need at least 1/3 pounds of manure per pound of cotton and that is actually a lot if you think about it.

The process of preserving the environment is still afoot with cotton and while it really has shown results there is nothing that is 100% yet. Because of factors such as weeding strategies that are time-consuming, trap crops, and the likes, cotton can actually cause a crop loss that bamboo will not, which makes it the more ethical choice.

Bamboo Fabric is Stronger than Cotton

The viscose that comes from bamboo is one of the most affordable as well as one of the strongest fabrics that you can wear and sleep in which is why even bamboo boxer briefs for men have become such a popular choice today. It could also be even things like shirts, pants, and bedsheets, and towels – bamboo will definitely retain the shape of the items and will also be durable over three times more if you look after them correctly.

The care methods are also rather simple and will not need you to follow any kind of special method. They will also need less washing than cotton which is partly why their durability is much more. They will also need much less dye than cotton and can have the ability to hold it in for longer.

Bamboo Needs Less Water

When you compare to cotton and bamboo, we can say that bamboo uses 1/3 less the amount of water that cotton uses. As we all know, water is a scarcity in many parts of the world and as a result, a lot of the farmers will not have access to enough water to grow their cotton. But with bamboo, they will be able to maintain healthy cultivation much more easily. Bamboo is also a very self-sufficient crop that will not need any form of irrigation and will also use water a lot more efficiently.

Softer Than Cotton

Egyptian cotton is rather coveted now and therefore is popular and also very expensive. While the viscose from bamboo has been compared to Egyptian cotton and silk, it feels good and also is very much less expensive. Another great benefit here is that bamboo is hypoallergenic and can be worn by pretty much anybody without any kind of irritation and that is not the case for cotton.

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