It’s official, 2017 is the year of reviving the crazy 80s! Think poofy hair, bright blush and frosty blue eyeshadow!

One of the key trends making a major comeback is the daringly colourful bold blush! Also known as “blush draping”, this look is finished with the blush blending from cheek to temple (or in some cases all the way to the eyelids).

Bold blush is spreading like wildfire from Chanel, Kenzo and Adam Selman parading this look on the Spring 2017 runway, to celebrities showing off cheekbone-centric look on the red carpet ala Kristen Stewart.

80s Style Makeup
80s Style Makeup

Go on, be daring, and try this look at home or at your next dress up party! Check out our tutorial by National Academy of Beauty makeup artist and trainer, Carla.

Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Steps

  • Apply a base to the area to ensure the product blends well.
  • Powder the base to set.
  • Sweep your chosen colour over the outer third of the eye.
  • Using a larger brush, sweep outwards from the eye shadow onto the cheek.
  • Blend this colour out towards the temple and down the cheek bone.
  • Complete the look with a dark red lip.
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