About the National Academy of Beauty

Who are we?

The National Academy of Beauty was established by Pragmatic Training Pty Ltd., a private training organisation that has delivered Nationally Recognised Training in Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualifications to more than 22,000 students since 2003.

Growing from the success of our past, we re-designed our delivery methods to meet the evolving needs of the industry and learning styles of our students.

We offer new and flexible ways to give our students an exciting learning experience.

Our courses are focused on hands-on practical experience delivered by highly educated and experienced trainers.

Why Choose Us?

The National Academy of Beauty is an industry-leading registered training organisation with a long history of successfully delivering nationally recognised, premium-quality training in Certificate and Diploma qualifications to thousands of students across Australia.

We pride ourselves on being a highly reputable educator with a strong focus on quality. We only work with the best trainers in the industry and we offer our students state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities specifically created to foster a high level of training and learning.

Our training models are cost effective, time efficient and designed to provide our students with excellent opportunities for professional development. Our main aim is to help you reach your full potential and go on to enjoy a successful, lengthy career doing something you love.

We are proud members of the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association (HBIA)!

Hair and Beauty Industry Accociation

Hair and Beauty Industry Accociation


We care about our students

We’re always working incredibly hard to support our students to successfully complete their qualification and reach their full potential. We want our students to thrive and go onto to enjoy a long, fruitful career in makeup and beauty. So we don’t cut any corners when it comes to the high level of training and guidance we provide. Find our student statistics for 2014/2015 here.