Throw traditional eyeliner out the window for Winter 2017 and replace it with smudged, smeared, scribbled or heavy-handed application!

Arty liner trends featured on the runway at Chloé, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, and Prada prove how gorgeous yet edgy this look can be, and now our makeup artist and trainer, Rachel, gives her spin on the technique!

Opting for an electric blue trapezium shape (hello math!), Rachel created a modern sleek variation of the look.

Follow along with our tutorial below and try this look at home or get creative and apply liner any way you see fit!

Arty liner Makeup Tutorial

Arty liner Makeup Steps

  • Apply an eye primer
  • Using a sharp angle brush, map out the shape focusing on symmetry
  • Use a creamy pencil to draw the colour
  • With a flat makeup brush, blend the pencil strokes and get the colour as even as possible
  • Intensify the colour and increase the longevity of the makeup by applying a gel liner over the top with a precision brush
  • Finish with mascara
Arty Liner Makeup
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