It’s the simple things that make winter such a gorgeous season; getting cosy in your favourite thick socks and PJs, rugging up in lush winter coats and scarfs, and sneaking an extra marshmallow in your hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, winter can also wreak havoc on your skin, lips, and hair! Battling the cool elements outside and spending time next to the blazing heater exposes your skin to temperature fluctuations which can cause a reduction in the skin’s lipids that help protect moisture levels.

There’s no need to worry or let winter get the better of you, we’ve put together go-to list to help beat the winter skin blues during the cooler months!

Beauty Winter Hacks
Beauty Winter Hacks

No More Steamy Hot Showers

It’s extremely tempting to warm up in a hot steamy shower but try to keep it the water at a reasonable temperature. Overly hot showers can cause compromise your skin’s lipid layer, a complex of fatty acids that retains precious moisture.

Don’t Forget Your Nails

The cold winter air can have a negative effect on your nails too! Keep them hydrated by rubbing cuticle oil into and around your nails once a week.
Step up your up your hand moisturiser game as well by rubbing into your cuticles and nails after you wash your hands.

Moisturise Straight After The Shower

While your skin is still damp take the time to moisturise. This will create a barrier to stop moisture from evaporating.

Switch Up Your Products

During winter, your skin loses about 25 per cent moisture hold, so your shine free summer foundation and cleanser are likely to dry your skin out during winter. Replace with moisture retentive products during the cooler months.

It’s All About You

While our tips are applicable to many people, everyone is unique and can have different skin types and reactions throughout each season. If you find you’re drying out and breaking out its best consult a beauty therapist for products and a routine that suits you.

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