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Arty Liner Makeup Tutorial
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Arty Liner

Throw traditional eyeliner out the window for Winter 2017 and replace it with smudged, smeared, scribbled or heavy-handed application! Arty liner trends featured...

Raffaele Ciuca Muse

Melbourne Meets Muse Launch

There’s no doubt our students produce stunning bridal makeup looks, and it was magnified at Raffaele Ciuca’s Melbourne Meets Muse launch where we...

Facechart Art Banner
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Facechart Art!

Although make-up artists love creating even the simplest of looks, it’s great to occasionally mix things up, move away from a classic smokey...

Instafamous Girl Makeup Tutorial
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Instafamous Girl Makeup

We see it every day on our newsfeed; perfectly manicured brows, flawless skin, and contoured perfection. Though it may look unattainable, the glamorous...

Luxe Lashes Eye Makeup
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Luxe Lashes

Make your eyes pop this autumn/winter with twiggy-esque spider lashes! Simple yet effective, this bold, messy and effortless was seen all over the...

Coloured Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Playing with Colour!

As the weather starts cooling down, we heat things up with bright coloured eye makeup! While we naturally add dark moody colours to...

Glam Look
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Rock glam, subtle glam, dark glam – the possibilities are endless when it comes to glam makeup! What do all these looks have...