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Coloured Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Playing with Colour!

As the weather starts cooling down, we heat things up with bright coloured eye makeup! While we naturally add dark moody colours to...

Glam Look
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Rock glam, subtle glam, dark glam – the possibilities are endless when it comes to glam makeup! What do all these looks have...

Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder
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Where are They Now?

From the high level of commitment and hard work throughout their studies, to the fabulous jobs they land once their National Academy of...

Glossed Skin Look
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Get Glossy!

We may be approaching the cooler months, but the sun is still shining and we’re obsessed with keeping our summer glow! To achieve...

New Year Fresh Summer Makeup
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Fresh Summer Makeup

There’s nothing worse in summer than melted makeup, sticky lipstick, and running mascara! As it starts to heat up, our heavy-duty foundation needs...

Music Festival Makeup Cover Image
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Music Festival Makeup!

Whether your vibe is boho, neon, cosmic, floral, or edgy, the music festival scene has a place for everyone with its fun loving...