Although make-up artists love creating even the simplest of looks, it’s great to occasionally mix things up, move away from a classic smokey eye, be bold and let your creative juices flow!

Our talented make-up artist and trainer, Shona, recently went colour crazy recreating a facechart art piece by Instagram user @Milk1422. Known for his fantasty-esque creations, Shona was thrilled to demonstrate her skills and transform a model into a cartoon like character full of detail, colour and artistry.

Check out Shona’s tips for anyone wanting to recreate this striking facechart art look at home!

It’s All About Balance

Map out your look using soft neutral shades as a guide, this will help achieve balance when you apply your bright, bold colours.

Go Bold or Go Home!

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your application of colour, the brighter the better!

Blend Baby Blend

Try using multiple tones of the one hue to achieve a perfect blend. Start with the lightest shade and gradually build up to the darker shades. This will create a seamless gradient of colour!

No More Jerky, Bumpy Lines!

When drawing designs on the face or even just applying eyeliner, find somewhere comfortable to rest your hand for stability, and only move your fingers not your arm.

Head to our YouTube channel to watch Shona work her magic!

Facechart Art
Facechart Art
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