Recently there’s been a rise in skin food, from ingestible tablets to powdered concoctions, people are upping the ante of their skin game by taking control from the inside out.

With the skin being largest organ of the integumentary system (the body’s 11 systems), this new wave of skin food makes sense as the skin is directly affected by how the other systems of the body are performing.

Topical solutions and treatments are still just as important however what’s in your kitchen also plays a big part in obtaining a beautiful complexion.

Our talented trainer and beauty therapist, Kimberley Duck, lets us in on some industry insights including the ultimate skin food, what’s the deal with collagen drinks and are supplements important for youthful looking skin.

What is the ultimate skin food?

I’ve found that since adding cinnamon to my morning smoothie it has really boosted the circulation in my skin, helping to detox and reduce the number of breakouts.

The basic spice stimulates the skin and brings a surge of oxygen and nutrients. Many anti-ageing skin products contain cinnamon extract due to its natural heating abilities within the skin and body.

Cinnamon can help to stabilize and balance blood sugar levels, which is important in controlling breakouts, oil flow and congestion.

The Ultimate Skin Food: Avacado
The Ultimate Skin Food: Avacado

What do you think about new collagen type drinks and beauty supplements? Do they work?

Provided your health is functioning at an optimum level then the collagen drinks may boost the skin, however if the body is suffering from deficiencies or supressed immune function then the collagen within the drinks may not be used in the skin effectively.

Beauty supplements are fantastic if they are all natural ingredients that can be absorbed by the cells. Those that contain artificial ingredients, preservatives and fillers will be more harmful to the skin than beneficial. Incorporating natural healthy beauty supplements into a balanced lifestyle will most definitely bring results to the skin.

Do you believe in just eating the basics such as avocado, blueberries, lots of water etc or do you think taking additional supplements is something people should look into as well?

A balanced diet of fresh colourful vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats paired with adequate daily hydration will most definitely keep your skin at optimum health. As our skin is a window of our internal health, we must take care of the inside first and it will reflect on the outside.

Additional supplements can assist with rebalancing or detoxifying the organs and body systems and may assist with improving current skin conditions however should be recommended by the right practitioner.

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