Rock glam, subtle glam, dark glam – the possibilities are endless when it comes to glam makeup! What do all these looks have in common? Luminous skin, dramatic eyes with lots of lashes and primped brows and defined lips.

Our makeup artist and trainer, Carla, shares her tips and tricks for perfecting the classic glam look with sultry eyes and a nude lip for your next outing!

Glam Look Makeup

No photoshop or Instagram filter required with this glam look! #reallifeperfection

Glam Look Makeup Tutorial

Glam Look Makeup Steps

  1. Apply an eye primer
  2. Add a light shade to the mobile lid
  3. Add a darker shade to the outer corner to create depth
  4. Blend the two colours with a transition colour
  5. Draw a subtle winged liner
  6. Add lashes and lots of mascara
  7. Add a nude lip to complete the look
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