Hair removal is one of the biggest profit-making services in the beauty industry. New technologies and products are constantly coming into the market to make hair removal more painless, faster and with longer lasting results.

Each method comes with its pros, cons and price tag, so it is important for clients to research each method to find the one most suitable for them as well as ensuring they book in with a qualified therapist to perform the service.

So what hair removal methods are available? Our Beauty Therapist and Trainer, Kimberley Duck, breaks it down.

The Creamy Solution

Hair removal creams are a popular choice as they are pain free, cost effective and can be done by clients at home. They offer a temporary method of hair removal and contain very strong chemical ingredients to dissolve hair from the surface of the skin. The chemicals can cause damage to the natural protective barrier of the skin and those that have sensitive skin can often react with these creams.

Beauty Legs after Hair Removal
Smooth Legs after Hair Removal

Wax It Off

Waxing is still one of the most popular salon treatments available, if performed by a qualified beauty therapist can be quick, gives a smooth finish and with the correct techniques can be only mildly uncomfortable. Waxing is within the medium price range of hair removal options.

Providing a longer lasting result than creams, it still is only a temporary fix but can slowly decrease growth patterns after continuous treatments. One benefit of waxing is that you can grow or remove hair according to trends. Eyebrows is the most common with trend changes, so clients can choose to let the hair grow back and redesign as they please.

Thread It Out

Threading for facial hair dates back hundreds of years from India and is still practiced within these families. Many Indian woman have now opened threading businesses all over the world that have become extremely popular with a diverse range of clients.

The fine thread and the precise technique used allows each individual hair to be removed. If the correct support if given to the skin the service is only mildly uncomfortable, quick and gives a very clean neat finish.

Point a Laser at It

Laser hair removal clinics and services are now seen within each main street, major department store and skin clinic countrywide. Provided the service is performed at a reputable business, extensive training has been provided to the therapists and thorough consultation has been performed, laser hair removal is an extremely result driven treatment.

This process can take time as sessions are done 6-8 weeks apart with 8-10 treatments required and the sessions can be quite costly however most salons provide a discount when more than one area is treated. Once the course of treatment is complete the client may only need to come in for one or two maintenance treatments are year. Classified as permanent hair removal, laser hair removal ensures clients do not need to worry about hair growing back and will save money long term without having to pay for regular waxing services or hair removal products.

Virtually painless, sessions are very quick, and results begin after the first treatment. Having recently received laser treatment myself I can’t recommend it enough for complete hair free results. Always discuss your health history including medications with your therapist prior as these can cause unwanted effects from laser treatments.

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