Becoming a makeup artist requires a passion, enthusiasm for the industry, a positive attitude and of course skills, but there are also a few golden rules to follow in order to forge a career in the exciting world of makeup and beauty!
Check out our tips below to help you on your way to becoming a makeup artist.

Become a Makeup Artist
Become a Makeup Artist

Practice Makes Perfect

Refine your skills and master techniques through practice! While learning from highly skilled professionals is important, practice is also vital. Practice on your friends and family with different skin types, needs, facial features and ages, to get as much practical experience as you can. The more you practice, the better you’ll be!

Stay In The Know

Jump online, read fashion magazines, watch beauty vlogs and scroll through Instagram to find inspiring makeup artists and get to know the best in the biz. Through reading and research, you’ll find what style you are drawn to and keep up to date on the latest trends, products and up and coming artists.

Obtain A Qualification

Watching YouTube tutorials is one thing but obtaining a formal qualification through a highly regarded school with talented professional trainers is another. Throughout your studies you’ll gain the foundational knowledge required to forge a career in beauty and makeup, receive meaningful feedback and learn correct practice and techniques. Having a qualification also shows potential employers and clients your commitment to your craft.

Take Every Opportunity

Gain experience and network by taking every opportunity to learn and work. Building a successful career requires hard work and dedication and potential employers and clients are impressed when they see a can-do attitude. Going above and beyond at the beginning of your career will put you in good stead to forge a successful and long life as a makeup artist.

Find Your Niche

There are many different career pathways within the makeup and beauty industry therefore it’s great to understand what your passion is, so you can pursue it accordingly. Wedding makeup artistry, editorial, retail makeup artistry, commercial work, and TV makeup artistry are just some of the avenues available to follow. As you learn different techniques in class and research the industry, you’ll start to recognise where your interests lie and which avenue you would like to pursue.

Market Yourself

An online presence and developing your own personal brand is extremely important for modern day makeup artists. Many potential clients and employers research online for artists and candidates while channels such as Instagram and YouTube are a great way for you to share your portfolio of work and expose your work to others.

Love What You Do

It is obvious when someone loves what they do, it comes through in their work and attitude. If you are passionate about the industry and makeup artistry, clients and potential employers will notice and naturally gravitate towards working with you. Of course, you’ll also go to work and do something that you love every day.

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