Makeup artistry offers an incredible amount of career paths for budding professionals requiring different techniques and skills. Throughout my career alone I have worked as a retail makeup artist, a makeup trainer, wedding and event artist, editorial artist, and a commercial artist.

Recently I was contracted for a commercial shoot by Melbourne based couture bridal brand, Pereeia, who are launching their first ready to wear collection. Designer and stylist, Jo, shared the concepts of her new collection, which I used as direction to create a mood board of makeup looks for the shoot. Throughout the process I collaborated with the hair stylist to ensure we were on the same page for the final look and together we sent our ideas to the designer and photographer for approval.

The look for the shoot was a natural makeup that moved into an evening look. In order to keep within the shoot timeline (capturing a collection of 8 new designs) I had to create a buildable look to start with. Together the hair stylist, clothing stylist and I paired each gown with either a natural look or a smoky evening feel.

Evening Makeup
Evening Makeup

I created a natural eye with light glowing skin which I then transformed into an evening look using three easy steps:

  1. Use an angled brush loaded with an eyeshadow colour two or three shades darker than that on the models’ eyes. Buff the colour lower and heavier under the eye.
  2. Add additional lashes to intensify the look, making the eye sultrier.
  3. Apply additional contour and blush to bump the look up giving it a more evening feel.

After the face makeup was applied and the look was finalised, I then shifted my focus to the body makeup. Throughout any commercial shoot a makeup artist must be ready for touch ups as well as applying body makeup. This requires concealing any blemishes and highlighting and contouring where necessary on the models’ body, ensuring the look is consistent from top to bottom. A rule of thumb I use is, if the face base is dewy then the whole-body makeup needs to be dewy.

I love working on set and hope you use these tips throughout your commercial career!

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