Nothing says summer quite like bronzed skin, nude eyes, and bright lips! While we instinctively whip out the neon pink, it’s also the perfect time to show your personality and style with one of the many fabulous lipstick shades out there.

Colours we love right now are berry red, orange, melon, plum, light pink, flamingo pink and vivid red.

Once you’ve found your perfect summer bright lip shade, nail the application with Rae Morris’ top tips!

“Youthful looking lips are more important than big lips”

There’s no denying luscious full lips are gorgeous; however, Rae Morris believes youthful looking lips should be priority when applying lipstick rather than big lips.

“Too much on the mouth goes south – it bleeds”

You should aim to apply one coat of lipstick only. The less you coats you apply, the longer it lasts.
Check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel:

The Perfect Lip Makeup Tutorial

The Perfect Lip Makeup Steps

  1. Apply lipstick with a square brush
  2. Highlight top of lip with a shimmer – Not too yellow or white
  3. Apply top points of lips first
  4. Ask model to smile and stretch out lip to apply to the remainder of top lip
  5. Apply above natural lip line on lower lip for a youthful look – do not extend outer corner
  6. Do not extend outter corner. Cut the lip upwards, you can always pull down
  7. Ask model to look at you and tilt head right back to check the shape is even
  8. Add lighter colour in the middle of bottom lip

By following Rae’s top tips, your lips should appear youthful and fuller in the middle!

Perfect Lip Makeup
Perfect Lip Makeup
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