We see it every day on our newsfeed; perfectly manicured brows, flawless skin, and contoured perfection.

Though it may look unattainable, the glamorous “instafamous girl” makeup can be achieved by everyone!

What are the key components to the look? Think defined brows, long lashes, and luscious matte lips.

Take your glam game up a notch by applying winged eyeliner as well!

Instafamous Girl Makeup

“Instafamous Girl” Makeup Tutorial

“Instafamous Girl” Makeup

“Instafamous Girl” Makeup Steps

  1. Apply a base primer, full coverage foundation and powder, followed with contour and highlight
  2. Add a subtle blush
  3. Apply eye primer to the lids
  4. Blend a dark shade to the inner and outer corner of eyelid
  5. Add a lighter shade to the mobile lid
  6. Apply black mascara root to tip for full lashes
  7. Fill in brows with a brow powder mixed with brow wax
  8. Apply brow gel to set the brows
  9. For the perfect finish, apply a liquid lipstick

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