One of the many awesome things about our academy is how diverse our student community is! Everyone we meet has a different reason for studying with us and unique goals set for the future.

We love finding out the various avenues of makeup and beauty each student is interested in pursuing and most recently caught up with Kaydz (short for Kaitlyn) who just finished her last class with us!

Excitingly, Kaydz will be taking her newly developed skills abroad, making a big move early next year to Japan!

Kaydz learnt to speak Japanese fluently and quickly established that she would love to move to Japan one day, “The Japanese makeup industry is absolutely huge. I have visited Japan many times and knew that my goal was to gain industry experience and exposure over there.”

Hard work is a key factor in success, and Kaydz is no stranger to it. She is currently building her portfolio and lining up interviews with different agencies and connections in the hopes to learn from the best that Japan has to offer.

Sometimes realising your dream can take time, and this was the case for Kaydz. She initially began studying law but finally decided to pause that and pursue something she was truly passionate about – makeup. It had always been an enjoyable hobby and she never envisioned pursuing it as a career, but she is ecstatic that she decided to make the leap and is so excited for where makeup is now taking her.

“I loved my time at the National Academy of Beauty and recommend it for anyone looking to become a professional makeup artist. The course work is very structured to provide a solid foundation, which is accentuated by the trainers. Through the diverse range of trainers’ students are able to learn how each artist has a unique style. All the trainers offered their own ideas on how to personalise techniques, as well as utilise expert tips and tricks, so it was great to see that variation and choose what is most suitable for me as an artist.”

We absolutely love the creations Kaydz shares on her Instagram and can’t wait to hear about her journey in Japan!

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Makeup Artist Kaitlyn
Makeup Artist Kaitlyn

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