There’s nothing better than bringing out our fabulous coats and boots, throwing on our winter woolies and sipping hot chocolate, but winter has its downfalls too.

We all know that our skin can become dry, dull, and flaky and our hair can turn into a frizzy mess, however it’s important to remember our lips can become cracked and suffer as well.

Before throwing on your favourite lippy, check out our simple tips below to take care of your kisser this winter. By giving your lips some extra TLC they’ll be at puckering perfection in no time!


Scrub the dead skin using a simple mix of brown sugar and coconut oil. Don’t scrub more than once or twice a week as the lips are delicate.

Smooth & Moisturise

The bitter cold elements of winter can strip our lips (and skin) of moisture, avoid licking your lips and instead apply a nourishing lipstick or balm with moisturising elements.


Cracked lips can sometimes indicate dehydration, so it’s important to also drink plenty of water to keep your skin and lips hydrated.


Avoid overexposure to the wind and sun, when you are heading outside apply SPF and balm.

Lip at Puckering Perfection
Give your lips some extra care and they will be at puckering perfection
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