Looking to shake up your eye makeup? It’s time to give lower lid eyeshadow a try!

Make the lower lids the focal point of the face with glitter, bright shadow or heavy handed colour liner. Pair the look with a neutral shadow on the top lid to make the lower lid pop.

This fun look has been splashed across Instagram by makeup lovers all over the globe, so we thought we’d recreate our own version by blending yellow and gold and added a bit of glitter for some extra oomph!

Watch the tutorial video below and share your own creations with us below!

  1. Perfect the eye area with concealer and powder to set.
  2. Groom the top eyelid with a sweep of a neutral colour through the socket line.
  3. Choose your colours for the lower lid, you can use one or blend multiple.
  4. Start at the inner or outer corner of the lower lash line.
  5. Using a firm bullet brush, begin to sweep your colour across the lash line.
  6. If you are using multiple colours, make sure that you blend them into each other.
  7. Using a clean blending brush, blend the lower edge of the eyeshadow is blended into the skin.
  8. Want some extra sparkle? Add glitter using a glitter glue stick.
  9. Groom the rest of your eye with some eye liner and mascara.

Lower Lid Makeup Tutorial

Lower Lid Eyeshadow
Lower Lid Eyeshadow
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