Emma Hawkins is a household name with a background in all things lifestyle, DIY décor and creative marketing. She is a fixture in the busy Melbourne social scene while also running her own lifestyle blog, Who Loves That, offering advice on all things design to her readers.

If her Instagram stories are anything to go by, Emma is also an avid makeup lover! One of her lesser known hobbies is watching makeup vlogs and trying the latest makeup trends at home. Knowing Emma’s obsession for all things makeup we invited Emma to our campus to film her very first makeup vlog with our well-known makeup artist and trainer, Carla Dyson!

Carla led Emma in the creation of a gorgeous day time summer look perfect for lunch with girlfriends and then transitioned the makeup into a stunning nighttime look.

While learning the application technique from Carla, Emma also finds out how valuable primer really is, what Carla’s “must have” makeup item is as an artist and what brushes should be a staple in your makeup kit at home.

Watch the video to find out how you can create the two fabulous looks at home and create your own vlog to share with us.

Emma Hawkins x NAOB – Day Makeup Tutorial

Emma Hawkins x NAOB – Evening Makeup Tutorial

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