As the weather starts cooling down, we heat things up with bright coloured eye makeup!

While we naturally add dark moody colours to our wardrobe and makeup during the colder months, this year we’re shaking things up with bright coloured eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner!

Our makeup artist and trainer, Carla, used jade green, rose gold and gold to create this bold look, but you can mix it up and choose your own colours for a brighter or muted look.

Not ready to take the leap with coloured eyeshadow? Try a coloured liner or mascara instead!

Coloured Eye Makeup

Coloured Eye Makeup Tutorial

Coloured Eye Makeup Tutorial

Coloured Eye Makeup Steps

  1. Apply an eye base
  2. Apply bright colour the mobile lid and blend upwards
  3. Apply a daker second colour to the crease to add depth
  4. Add a highlight colour to the inner corner
  5. Add a second highlight colour to the brow bone
  6. For added texture apply gloss over the top!
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