National Academy of Beauty trainers breathe, live, and love all things beauty and makeup, so who better to share insider secrets than our resident industry experts on the latest and greatest products?

With the base being one of the key elements for a flawless makeup look, our talented makeup artist and trainer, Shona, has shared two of her favourite base products.

While studying, National Academy of Beauty students are introduced to a professional range of products and brands to get started on their makeup artistry journey including Kryolyn, Inglot and Dermalogica. Once students begin forging their careers they may build on their makeup kit by adding additional products and brands.

Read on to find out Shona’s favourite base product in her freelance kit and favourite base product used here at the National Academy of Beauty.

What are your favourite base products? Share in the comments below!

Personal Kit Product: TEMPTU PRO SB Foundation

Temptu Pro SB Foundation
Temptu Pro SB Foundation

Product Benefits: Affordable, dewy skin like finish, buildable & super long lasting!

Features of product: Hypoallergenic, lightweight.

What do you love about this product and how do you use it?

I love using this product either through the airbrush or applying directly with a brush or sponge. This is my go to foundation for clients who want their makeup to last all night long, once it sets it will not budge. The beauty of this product is its super light formulation, it stays dewy and fresh while evening out the skin tone without the mattifying finish that some long-lasting products achieve. It is great for all clients including mature skins.

National Academy of Beauty Product: KRYOLAN MAKEUP BLEND

Kryolan Make Up Belnd
Kryolan Make Up Belnd

Product Benefits: As it is used to thin out cream formulations it will multiply the amount of applications from your foundation. Also diversifies your kit products.

Features of product: Adapts any cream-based product from concealers to contours and even camouflage products for different skin types and finishes.

What do you love about this product and how do you use it?

I love using Kryolan makeup blend as it allows you to customise the consistency of your base products. This can be used in conjunction with any foundation/corrector or contour products to create a liquid formulation. Just mix a couple of drops to your foundation to take it from heavy to lightweight coverage.

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