Feeling edgy? It’s time to try the sooty smokey eye! This look is a cool rock spin on the classic smokey eye and was recently featured on the VAMFF runway.

The sooty smokey eye combines cool tones, lots of blending and more smudge and smoke than usual on the bottom lash line to give that ‘lived in’ look. Think rock chic, sultry and cool without trying too hard.

Our makeup artist and trainer, Ingrid, suggests adding gloss to the lid for a worn effect and to enhance the sheen ‘sooty’ appearance. Need the look to last all night? Don’t apply the gloss and it will last you an entire night out!

Check out our tutorial below and try the look at home!

Sooty Smokey Eye Steps

  • Prime your eyelid with a slightly darker shade than your natural skin tone
    Tip: Why Prime? Eye Primer will prevent eyeshadow from moving and creating unwanted creasing!
  • Apply a lighter transition colour to your socket line, blending slightly upwards with a fluffy blending brush
  • Apply a medium toned transition colour directly to your socket line. Use the same fluffy blending brush sweeping gently back and forth to soften and blend into the first colour
    Tip: Struggle with fall out? Press the shadow into the brush or apply foundation after eye application!
  • Roughly colour in your eyelid with black kohl pencil
  • Buff over the pencil with a firm brush to soften and smudge the black colour over your lid and into the base of your socket line
  • Line your inner rim with the black kohl pencil pushing the colour into your lash line
  • Using a firm brush, buff over your lash line to soften the black kohl colour and blend it slightly below your lower lash line
  • Add a medium toned shadow under your eye blending it in with the black liner to create balance
  • Apply two coats of thick mascara to your top and bottom lashes creating volume and additional depth to the lash line
  • Finish the look with eye gloss on your eyelid, keeping it close to the lash line
    Tip: Eye gloss adds a slept in and worn effect which gives the ‘sooty appearance’
The Sooty Smoke Eye

The Sooty Smoke Eye
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