We’ve been Snapchat obsessed for a while now so it was time to finally create a snapchat filter look with makeup!

Brilliant makeup artist and trainer, Samii, chose to recreate the Galaxy Snapchat filter because creating galaxy makeup looks just happens to be one of her favourite things to do!

We can all agree Samii’s Snapchat creation is amazing, but what does it take to produce a look like this?

Samii believes continuous education and learning is key! “You should always be striving to learn new skills, techniques and try challenging looks. I recommend attending courses, gaining extra qualifications or researching and practicing to refine your skills.”

Makeup is an artistic outlet for Samii that grew out of her love for art. She dabbled in everything from air brushing, painting, graphic design and studio arts, and makeup is an extension of those activities.

We are officially obsessed with this Snapchat Galaxy filter look and would love you to try your own filter look at home! Don’t forget to share it with us so we enjoy your fab creations.

Galaxy Snapchat Filter Makeup
Galaxy Snapchat Filter Makeup
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