A question I have often been asked by aspiring makeup artists and even wondered myself is, what does it take to be a leading makeup artist?

The answer is not as straightforward as you think because makeup is subjective, meaning everyone has their own taste, style and idea of what a flawlessly applied look should resemble. Some believe a great makeup artist should be using the same techniques as Hollywood makeup artists, others think they should have a kit full of the best products, whilst some feel that it is the ability to duplicate other people’s looks – even if it is not suitable for each individual client.

For students aspiring to be great makeup artists, the answer to this question is a combination of knowledge, processes, passion and care.

Throughout my freelance journey I’ve learnt that you must:

  • Have a firm knowledge of the skin and its functions
  • Have thorough product knowledge including its relationship to the skin and areas of application
  • Understand the colour theory
  • Provide a high standard of customer care/service
  • Practice hygiene and safety
  • Show ‎professionalism throughout every job
  • Apply makeup that enhances or creates something beautiful
  • Listen to clients’ feedback and apply it to future jobs
  • Never stop learning, educating yourself and growing your ‎skills

Mastering the art of makeup takes time, dedication and lifelong learning. As a freelance artist I love receiving feedback from clients as I can use it to refine my own skills and teach others to be the best makeup artist they can be. I enjoy inspiring up and coming makeup artists, so if you have any thoughts, a question or a topic you would like to hear more about please comment below.

Makeup Artist Apply Makeup That Enhances Something Beautiful
Makeup Artist Apply Makeup That Enhances Something Beautiful
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