From the high level of commitment and hard work throughout their studies, to the fabulous jobs they land once their National Academy of Beauty journey is complete – our students are constantly making us proud.

We love celebrating everyone’s successes and are thrilled to share the latest list of students kicking goals in the industry!

  • Congratulations to recent Beauty graduate, Ashlee, for being offered a role at Crown ISIKA day spa!
  • Crown ISIKA Day Spa
    Crown ISIKA Day Spa
  • While only midway through her studies, Tiffany has already begun building a fantastic portfolio and just landed a counter position at Estée Lauder.
  • Estee Lauder
    Estee Lauder
  • Rationale has a fantastic reputation and is often described online as the premium cosmeceutical brand in Australia. We’re proud to see our beauty graduate, Ellie, working for such a high-end company within the beauty industry and absolutely loving what she does!
  • Beauty graduate, Sol, is building a beauty empire with her Parisian themed boutique beauty salon “Solene Paris” now open at Knox and Eastland! Sol is also offering franchisee opportunities and hired another National Academy of Beauty graduate, Huyen, as a part of her team.
  • Delightful, energetic and one of the most caring therapists you will come across. These are just some of the wonderful things our trainer had to say about graduate Sandra. Sandra’s efforts have been rewarded with a position at Endota Spa Hampton!
  • Endota Spa Hampton
    Endota Spa Hampton
  • Congratulations Abbie, another fantastic beauty graduate offered a position Crown ISIKA day spa!
  • New found skills and determination, Laura, is now celebrating her 1st anniversary at Essential Beauty.
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