Individuality, freedom of expression and an inclusive spirit are the brilliant makings of up and coming makeup brand 3INA, and we’re ecstatic to announce they are our latest industry partner! We simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with this fabulous brand that embodies all the qualities we love.

3INA (pronounced MI-NA) are a young brand making waves in the beauty and makeup industry with its high-quality makeup, massive array of products and very affordable prices. In February 2016, they opened their first store in one of the world’s biggest beauty mecca’s Covent Garden in London. Just a short year later they have a global presence with stores located around the world including Australia’s fashion capital, Melbourne!

So, what does this new partnership mean for the National Academy of Beauty? As a National Academy of Beauty student, you will have access to Work placement opportunities at 3INA stores, feedback and career coaching from 3INA, as well as exclusive complimentary 3INA makeup masterclasses.

With over 500 products ranging in lips, eyes, face, skincare, nails, and tools and every colour of the rainbow available, it’s little wonder why our students are equally as excited to work with such an exciting contemporary brand.

3INA Colourful Eyeshadow
3INA Pink Eyeshadow
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